Happy City Sejong

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H.E. Dr. Choon-hee LEE
Mayor of Sejong

Good Morning Ladies and Gentlemen and Distinguished Guests!

I am Choon-hee LEE, Mayor of Sejong City, Korea.

Honorable Mayor Mustafa Tuna of Ankara City, Turkey,

Honorable Mayors and officials of Administrative Capital Cities,

I would like to extend my sincere congratulation on the Inaugural Congress of the World Administrative Cities Association,

Especially, I would like to express my heartfelt gratitude to Mayor Mustafa TUNA of Ankara City for organizing this meaningful event.

In June, last year, Sejong city hosted the World Administrative Cities Forum. More than 300 participants including administrative cities’ mayors and experts were in attendance at the forum. We confirmed our will to achieve mutual prosperity and shared each administrative city’s experiences and wisdom. In order to expand the opportunity and our will continuously, 5 cities including Ankara and Sejong signed a Memorandum of Understanding of strategic alliance which is the world administrative cities association (WACA).

Sejong city has been working as interim secretariat of the WACA. I am very pleased to work together with more cities within 1 year. I would like to express my sincere gratitude to mayors and officials of founding cities going together at the first step of the WACA.

Turkey is a historic and geographical bridgehead of the East and the West. I look forward to Ankara, Turkey playing an active role as the initial president city of the WACA as well as a bridge of administrative cities all over the world.

Mayors and officials of administrative cities and distinguished guests!

Cities are said to as the vessels of human life, so is the administrative city that we dream of. We need to grow into a sustainable city containing the values of citizens and the spirit of the times. Most administrative cities have special purpose and were created for sufficient state administration and balanced national development.

With such a historic mission, I believe mayors of administrative cities including myself have much more responsibility for developing the city. Such a common sense of calling makes our solidarity much stronger.

I think administrative cities have similar background as well as similar current concerns. For example, how do we develop into a sustainable city and how do we solidify our position and role as an administrative city?

I hope we work together to present suggestions to address common challenges we face and respond to future changes at today’s congress.

In this regard, I would like to share the Sejong’s current issues which are urban regeneration and smart city, the development strategy of the fourth industrial revolution at mayor’s round table.

By accumulating the experiences and know-hows we share today, we will be able to lead the success and prosperity of administrative cities together.

Distinguished guests!

Today, I’ve met a number of administrative city mayors and officials and I have confidence that I can share everlasting friendship with them.

The World Administrative City Association is a challenge towards a better future and mutual prosperity of administrative cities.

Once again, I applaud and cheer for the great first steps of the world’s administrative cities across the border.

Thank you!